The World Health Academy of Dermatology and Pediatrics (WHAD&P) is a non-profit association, affiliated to the World Health Academy, in which dermatologists and paediatricians on an equal footing pursue exclusively cultural and scientific promotion.

Its activity consists mainly in:

promote cultural, scientific research and training activities at national and international level

organise conferences and training events on the health of children with dermatological problems

to study and evaluate aspects of paediatric dermatological health, to develop programmes, approved by official bodies or by individual members, to ensure the adequate and continuous training of qualified doctors to meet the needs of care in paediatric dermatology

analysing and guiding policies for health education and related aspects, through which to provide the highest standard of education for families and professionals

suggesting and defining diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines in paediatric dermatology

cooperate with national and international authorities and governmental bodies to optimally translate guidelines into excellence in clinical practice

provide national and international leadership on topics related to the dermatological well-being of children

The official organ of WHAD&P is 'Dermatologic Therapy' by Wiley.


Torello Lotti (Rome, Italy)
Honorary President

Fabio Arcangeli (Rome, Italy)
President and Chairmen

Giuseppe Ruggiero (Salerno, Italy)
Vice President

Patrizio Mulas (Cagliari, Italy)
Secretary and Treasurer

Julia Sigova (Moscow, Russia)
Neonatal Network

Diego Peroni (Pisa, Italy)
Pediatric Network

José Antonio Massimo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Dermatologic Network

Mary P Lupo (New Orleans, U.S.A.)   
Dermo – Aesthetic Network

Massimo Gola (Florence, Italy), Annalisa Patrizi (Bologna, Italy)  
Public Relation Network

Davide Brunelli
Laser Terapy

Maria Concetta Pucci Romano (Rome, Italy) 
Green – Ecological Dermatology

Salvatore Amato, Mirella Milioto Interdisciplinary Network

Ianina Celia Massimo, Lin Ma  (Beijing, China), NellieKonnikov, Roxanna Sadoughifar
International Committee